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EU continues its CAP scam that UK failed to stop

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20, February, 2020 At the European Council of 20 February, David Sassoli, president of the European Parliament called the draft €1 Trillion budget for 2021-27, that the Commission and the Council had prepared, ‘unacceptable‘. Why? Was he defending the taxpayer at this extravagance? No. He wants more money, more taxes for spending on European projects. Cutting […]

Beyond Brexit: Review of Vernon Bogdanor’s Book

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Review of Vernon Bogdanor: Beyond Brexit Vernon Bogdanor excels in his analysis of the UK Constitution. He draws incisive conclusions about the major changes of the Constitution that have arisen from more than four decades of membership to the European Communities. He traces the change of model from UK’s unwritten constitution where Parliament ruled to […]

How the Holocaust Horror demanded the creation of supranational European Democracy

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August 1942  “The Jews are being systematically destroyed. There are no more Jews in the Ukraine. Men, women and children have been separated and taken. Men and women have been transported to concentration camps. Often they are sent with hardly any water and without food. They are left to die of starvation and cold. They are […]


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